Environmentalists boats in the Gulf of Izmit

Dye-free, that does not contaminate the water in the material, ease of use and do not give rise to an accident at sea green boots made of polyethylene `Izmit Bay is well served. Texas `the maritime operations to a private company owned Mahmut Okan, the European Union norms and sea vehicles and Texas to` bring out because, "Marine pollution prevention aim. Italy and Greece, yet the boat does not use. Health in terms of area. Polyethylene, foodstuff transport is being used" he said. Okan, "In our country, polyethylene produced from the pilot boat the first time, Gulf of Izmit` nde. Around us our environment. Naval our bread door us. Sea whoever attention to the. Dixon Our elders made mistakes due to be comfortable. Responsive to the sea and will recover, "he said.



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