About Us

Our firm center Office is in KÖRFEZ/KOCAELİ. Also we supply agent service in KOCAELİ ports, in İSTANBUL and also in AMBARLI ports for about 15-20 years. We also supply direct passage support both DARDANEL  and BOSPHORUS passings.

In 1999, we have built up KÖRFEZ-41  agent boat which has grain and the unique boat in KOCAELİ area. Also we built HUSEYİN ALİ KAPTAN agentboat which was also unique in those years. Also in 2006, we built a 1000 DWT chemical tanker which was named           M/T GOKDENİZ. Furthermore in 2010 another unique motorboat build by us which is called DRAGON EKSPRES pilot and agentboat which made with polyethylene product.

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